Buy Lasix Online No Prescription

Lasix (furosemide) is a prescription water pill used to treat fluid retention and high blood pressure. It works by allowing extra salt to be passed into the urine and leave the body. This medicine is FDA pregnancy category C meaning it may or may not affect the health of an unborn baby and can pass into breast milk. In case of breastfeeding or being pregnant during the period of taking this medicine tell your doctor about it to make sure your treatment is beneficial for you. If you were prescribed liquid medicine you need to take the exact dosage prescribed. To make sure your dosage is precise use a special measuring spoon that you can get from your pharmacist.

Lasix can cause you to urinate more often, which is why you will be required to get enough potassium in your diet and follow other recommendations of your health care provider. Keep taking this medication even when you feel fine as high blood pressure may not have any obvious symptoms. If you are using this medicine for high blood pressure you will probably need to use it for the rest of your life. Make sure you discuss with your doctor all of your health conditions and other drugs you are taking to be able to take Lasix safely and benefit from it.